Fees and additional costs:


Application fee: USD 27 900 (for MM2H) / USD 27 200 (for SMM2H)

An additional visa deposit: USD 2 000

Agent fee:  USD 20 000


Additional costs apply for dependants and family members and vary with the age of a person. Please contact us for a detailed quote and our fees.


Documents required


Applicant or representative MM2H company must be present in Malaysia.

Intention letter for individual/agency representative letter for MM2H company.

Original & copy of passport of participant (particular page, visa page and latest entry stamp).

Original & copy of conditional approval letter; and form Imm.12 IM.12.pdf (available at website JIM) with photo (blue background) for participant.





All documents must be translated into English by Institute Language and Literature. lamanweb.dbp.gov.my


or the Embassy or Consulate General of Malaysia abroad



Certified True Copy (CTC) for of marriage certificate or birth certificate by Embassy or Consulate General of Malaysia abroad

www.kln.gov.my/web/guest/malaysian-mission or public notary at Malaysia.


You will find more information on the official website at Malaysia My Second Home (MMH2) – En – Malaysian Immigration Department (imi.gov.my)


Please do not hesitate to contact us for more details.


General information


Launched in 2002, MM2H is a programme carried out by the Malaysian Government to allow foreigners and expatriates to stay in Malaysia on a renewable Social Visit Pass with a multiple-entry visa.


This programme is accessible to citizens of all countries that have diplomatic relations with Malaysia and allow the applicants to include their spouses and unmarried children under the age of 21 as dependants.


Malaysia may offer a much better standard of living than in your own country, not to forget the cost of living, which is much lower than in most countries.


Some other benefits:

  1. Developed urban infrastructure and high-quality accommodation.
  2. Efficient health industry combined with quite low medical costs compared to many other countries
  3. Warm weather all year round.
  4. Nice and friendly people, many of whom speak English.
  5. Remittances from abroad are not taxed in Malaysia (From 2027 onwards MM2H residents will be required to pay personal income tax on any salary received in Malaysia).
  6. Excellent internationals schools as well as private colleges and universities.
  7. Very convenient location: many airlines offer direct flights to Malaysia; and there are plenty of possibilities to explore the Asian region from Malaysia.
  8. Very diversified cultural experience: local festivals, cultural shows and international sports competitions, delicious local cuisine (Malay, Chinese and Indian) and of course the rain forests, hill stations and tropical islands and beaches with high-quality hotels to enjoy and to explore.
  9. The crime rate in Malaysia is generally lower than in most western countries.
Philippines Special Resident Retiree's Visa

Basic financial requirements to qualify for West Malaysia and Sabah (MM2H):


AGE:    over 35

MONTHLY INCOME:  equivalent to RM 40 000


  • For salary or pension 3 months’ income has to be shown
  • For dividends or other investment a longer period is required
  • For rental income the period of the tenancy agreement will be checked

Documents such as deposits into a bank account and the source documents – pay slips, lease agreements etc. – need to be provided.


LIQUID ASSETS:   RM 1 500 000

The government wants to see proof of cash in the bank or investments that can easily be turned into cash and can be used to pay the fixed deposit as soon as you are approved.


FIXED DEPOSIT:  RM 1 000 000

  • To be made into any bank in Malaysia and the funds will be blocked until the authorities approve that it can be fully or partially withdrawn
  • An additional fixed deposit of RM 50,000 has to be made for each dependant
  • You can receive interest on the funds
  • You can withdraw up to RM 500,000 from your fixed deposit account after one year if you have paid for a house, car, medical expenses, or education in Malaysia

Basic financial and other requirements to qualify for Sarawak (SMM2H)*:


*See also general requirements regarding proof of income for MM2H

Applicants are required to be in Kuching, Sarawak to start the process. However, recently they allowed applicants over 50 to start the application  based on their income before visiting.

There are two options to qualify for 50 years old and above (conditions are slightly different for those under 50):

  • Place a fixed deposit of RM 150 000 (RM 300 000 for a married couple)


  • Show proof you have an income of RM 7 000 (RM 10 000 for a married couple). It must be from a pension or salary only.
  • Pass the medical check-up and buy medical insurance (waived for people over 60).


Additionally for applicants 30 – 39 years:

  • They must have children studying in Sarawak


Additionally for applicants 40 – 49 years:

  • They have to purchase a residential property in Sarawak OR send children to study in Sarawak. This must be done before the application.


* You must spend 15 days a year in Sarawak compared to 90 days in Malaysia.

* 90 days needed for approval.


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Philippines Special Resident Retiree's Visa