II. Annual Residency


Annual Permit allows a non-Bahamian wishing to reside in The Bahamas to do so on an annual basis. According to the government policy, a non-Bahamian may enter The Bahamas as a visitor for an initial period of up to two months, and during this period the visitor may apply for residency.



  • Government fee: USD 1,000 p.a.
  • Processing fee: USD 100 p.a.

III. Home Owner’s Card


Non-Bahamians who own second homes in The Bahamas may apply for an annual homeowner’s residence card. This card is renewable annually and intended to facilitate entry into The Bahamas with minimal formalities. The holder is entitled to visit The Bahamas for a stay of up to one year.



  • Government fee: USD 250.00 p.a.


Documents required

  • Immigration application form (notarized with USD 10 stamp)
  • Notarized copy of the Passport
  • Two passport-sized photographs with signature on reverse
  • Notarized copy of Birth Certificate (permanent residency only)
  • Notarized copy of Parent’s Birth Certificate (for minors) (permanent residency only)
  • Notarized copy of Marriage Certificate (for married couples) (permanent residency only)
  • Police Certificate covering five years residence
  • Medical Certificate with signature\stamp of the office
  • Two Character References from Attorney \ Accountant
  • Bank reference verifying economic worth (citing figure range)
  • Confirmation of whether applicant has a home in the Bahamas (copy of lease contract or deed)
  • Complete set of the applicant’s fingerprints


Please note the approval of Residency is in discretion of the Immigration Authorities.

Additional costs apply for dependents and family members and vary with the age of a person.

Please contact us for a detailed quote and our fees.

You can find more information on the official website of The Government of the Bahamas.

• Residency in The Bahamas

The Bahamas is an independent sovereign state and the most successful international financial centre in the Caribbean region with a stable parliamentary democracy modelled on the British system. There are three types of residency available for foreigners: Permanent Residence Permit, Annual Residence Permit and a Home Owner’s Card Annual Residence.

General information and advantages


  • There is no wealth, inheritance, gift, income or corporate tax
  • Minimum stay requirement: none prescribed of Bahamas authorities
  • An investment friendly climate with a good choice of financial institutions such as banks, trust companies, insurance companies, corporate service providers, etc.
  • Political and economic stability
  • Presence of internationally reputed private banks
  • Convenient location with half an hour’s flying time from Miami and with direct flights to London, Toronto, New York and other major cities
  • Life in The Bahamas is particularly pleasant, with its laid-back, sunny living environment and friendly inhabitants
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I. Permanent Residency


Permanent residency allows a non-Bahamians to reside permanently in The Bahamas, pass freely through immigration and valid for lifetime.


Investment requirements

  • Investment of USD 500,000 in a fully constructed residence (vacant land or a business will not suffice)
  • If investment is higher than USD 1,500,000 an “fast track” in processing time is applied



  • Government fee: USD 10,000
  • Processing fee: USD 100.00

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• Residency in The Bahamas
Philippines Special Resident Retiree's Visa